Monday, 13 December 2010


in lesson we wrote are first article draft

the band synthetic encounter are an unsigned rock band, however they are in the middle of recording there brand new album " together we stand " which they are hoping to send of to a record label so they could soon get signed.

the band met in there local collage which was " Dudley collage " as they were all doing the same course and they became very good friends Say they decided to make a band as the whole band is from Wolverhampton and they all live close.

the style of the band has changed a lot as they used to be influenced by only dark bands such as black veil brides and bring me the horizon which are screamo bands, however now they are influenced by bands such as the kooks and the Arctic monkeys as they realised they did not have the right look or songs to be a heavy metal band but one thing for sure they were defiantly not influenced by Justin bieber.

" Justin bieber just has one of those faces you would just wanna slap with a fish "

confidently slouching on the sofa lead singer Jamie Clark was asked who the poser in the band was as he laughed he slowly admitted it was him as he takes over two hours to get ready! however to make him sound less bad he told us about the bass player Leonardo and how he is so vain he cant walk past a mirror with out looking at him self but he soon happily says " they would all say its me but yanno its the hair "

since there very first gig synthetic encounter believe they have progressed a lot as they have all grown as people as well as a band. they also feel they have come along way since there first gig in Wolverhampton.

for the future the band have alot of plans as they want to be on television on channels such as kerrang! but before then they are hoping to play gigs at more popular places such as the NIA or LG arena.

Jamie and his band mates all have there fair share of arguments in the group regarding some songs that are written and weather they should be changed and also if one of the members is late for practice.

at the moment Jamie does all the song writing, Jamie gets his ideas from alot of life experiences but also things he believes in such as overcoming problems and staying strong when life gets you down.

the band has only been together for just over two years as they had to take a brake for there exams but since they have got back together they are alot more dedicated.

the band has found that they sometimes have great difficulty being in a band as not all the members have the same free time due to collage and university and they are finding it hard to be noticed as a lot of places wont give them the chance to show how good they are.

Jamie is extremely clumsy and is always embarrassing him self we found out that last time he did was when him and his band mates were on there way to Birmingham and he was coming down the escalator and his lace got stuck and he was freaking out! when he pulled it he dropped to the floor every one around him were in stitches.

the band has a rough start on there first gig as half way through Jamie lost his voice and had the whole place look at him very confused. but the singer soon moved on from that and is now recording an album.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

article resarch

in lesson we were told to find a band and interview them for out double page spred

i interviewed the band synthetc encounter a new rock band

confadently slouching on the sofa lead singer jamie clark from the new and coming band synthetic encounter was interviewed by skull magazine. the genre of music this band creates is rock.

band members

lead singer / guitarist - jamie clark
lead guitarish - pierre valdez
drummer - remsey thorns
bass - leonardo speckle


1) as you are a new band were do you hope to be in the future?

2) what have you found to be the greatest challange of starting a band?

3) how long has your band been together?

4) when was the last time you embarrst your self?

5) do you and your band mates ever have disrabutes?

6) what are they about?

7) who influenced your style and why?

8) how do you think you have progressed as a band since your first gig?

9) who is the last person on earth you would want to be stuck in a lift with ?

10) who does the song writing and were do you get your ideas?

11) in the band who is the poser out of you all?

12) what was your most enbarrasing moment on stage?


1) i hope to be on television, but in the near future i would like to be playing gigs at more popular places such as the NIA or LG arena.

2) well as a band it can be hard to find the same free time as the rest of the band members to reharce due to collage and university, also it is hard to get noticed and some pubs and clubs wont give you the chance to show them how good the band is.

3) we have been together for a year and a half, then we had a brake for exams and stuff, then we got back together and we all belive now that we are more dedicated and now its been just over two years.

4) we was on our way to birmingham and i was coming down the esculator and my lace got stuck and i was freaking out so i pulled it and i dropped to the floor my band mates were in stitches, i went so red, i was redder then a cherry!

5) we have had our fair share but everyone does i guess.

6) we argue regarding some songs we write weather they should be changed or not also if one of us it late for band pratice and not only that we do have our little arguments about our fav bands.

7) id say many bands to be honest, black veil brides were in my opinion a major influence due to there uniqueness of there style and i admire that as for other band members they like a variety of bands and they have influences to like ramseys main influences are the kooks and artic monkeys and pierres influences are bring me the horrizon so there is a wide range to be fair, but yeah we all have diffrent influences.

8) i feel we have progressed very well and being in a band makes you closer to the friends involved in it and it has helped each one of us mature during it and its good to look back on our first gig in wolverhamton and see how we used to be.

9) oh god justin bieber,i hate him he has one of those faces you would just wanna slap with a fish.

10) i do the song writing and i get my ideas from life experiences or things in which i belive in.

11) it would have to be me because i take too long to get ready like 2 hours! but leonardo is soo vain its unbelieveble were ever theres a mirror he is in it. but they would all say me but yanoo its the hair, have to have it perfect but i hate the wind it just messes it up compleatly.

12) on my first ever gig i lost my voice half way through that was just embarrasing because the ausience just looked and were like wondering what was going on.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

in lesson we had to do our planning production so i new what would be in my magazine and what pictures i would need

planning production


-synthetic encounter - interview the new bands tells us how there lives have changed
-framing hanley- talk about there new music video
-you me at six - talk about there biggest tour
-all time low - reveal there biggest secrets
-black veil brides - WIN a sighed poster
-bring me the horizon - behind the scenes
-30 seconds to mars- tells us there plans for next year
-the blackout and my passion - talk about there recent gig together

-posters - stage shots at gigs

-10 new bands - ( in a bubble thing on the front cover )


regular contents

-gig list

-live reviews/images
-album reviews

-win backstage passes to a different band every week
-free stage shot posters

-top 10 rock anthems
-best album of the week

-mini interviews with bands
-quiz answered  by bands/singers

-letter/picture of the week from fans


front cover

- main image of singer from synthic encounter
- at the bottom images of live gigs for the posters

smaller headlines
-top 10 rock anthems
-synthetic encounter - interview the new bands tells us how there lives have changed
-you me at six - talk about there biggest tour
-all time low - reveal there biggest secrets
-black veil brides - WIN a sighed poster
-bring me the horizon - behind the scenes


contents page

- main image of singer from synthetic encounter
- smaller image of - the blackout
                              - my passion
                              - you me at six


double page spred

the article is about the new band synthetic encounter, and how there lives have changed now they have became a band, the readers will also get to find out things they have not read about them before.

the image is of the lead singer from synthetic encounter.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

in lesson we had to do our publication plan so that i new how my magazine would look and everythink my magazine will need 

     publication plan

Title:   SKULL

Positioning statement:   make it loud 

Frequency of publication:   monthly

Price:   £2.50

Distribution:   news agents, supermarkets, music shops eg HMV

Rationale:  my magazine is alot for the readers and things they want to read about will then be put in the next issue. the magazine is for music fans.

Style:   informal text,

Regular content:

gig list

live reviews/images

win backstage passes to a different band every week

mini interviews with bands

top 10 rock anthems

letter/picture of the week from fans

best album of the week

album reviews

quiz answered  by bands/singers

free stage shot posters

Feature content:

larger interview with synthetic encounter

framing hanley- talk bout there new video

you me at six - talk about there biggest tour

all time low - reveal there biggest secrets

win signed poster - black veil brides

bring me the horizon - behind the scenes

stage shots at gigs

10 new bands

30 seconds to mars- tells us there plans for next year

the black out and my passion - talk about there recent gig together

House style

Cover lines:   impact          size 14

Headlines:   Bell Gothic std black       size 14

Stand first:   Bell Gothic std black      size 14

Captions:   Bell Gothic std black          size 11

Features first paragraph:Bell Gothic std black3 lines deep first 3 words in caps   

News first paragraph:   first three words in bold capitals

Body text:   Rockwell     bold      size 12

Colour scheme:   black, purple

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

in lesson i converted my results into power point
this is my questionnair results put into a powerpoint

please click the link below

my questionnaire

in lesson i was told to create a questionnaire in order to help me make my rock magazine so i new what my target audience is looking for.

codes and conventions of a double page spred

in lesson we looked at the codes and conventions of music mags double page spread we found that:

  • main image takes up a page
  • main title/ head lines - bold - unique - short - stands out
  • stand first, small into to article, above article
  • in 3-4 columns
  • by-lines/credits the photographer and writer
  • most of the images look at the camera but not necessary
  • drop quotes made larger
  • font-small-size 11
  • lots of righting
  • artists name high lighted so it stands out
  • image mainly on right
  • simple and consistent colours that match image so that it is - pleasing - organised - stands out and attracts the audience
  • page number - name of mag and web address bottom corner
  • informal mode of address gets the audience to connect to it and gets them to relax when reading it

these are two examples:

contence page on prezi

in lesson we made analised a contents page on prezi to see this please click on the link below

contents page

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

this is my analysis of a rock mag front cover

in lesson i analised rock sound so that i could see the different things professional magazines had on them to help me whith my magazine.

this is my analysis of a rock mag front cover

in lesson i analtised kerrang so that i could see the different things professional magazines had on them to help me whith my magazine.

initial plans 2

using the results that i got from my research i have decided that my magazine will be:

price - £2.50
frequency of publication - every Friday
average issue size - 60 pages
regular contents - gig list
feature articles - interviews and gigs

Monday, 11 October 2010

reserch on music mags

 the mags that i have researched are the same genre as the one i am planning to do.

the first mag i looked at was kerrang

price- £2.20
frequency- every Wednesday
issue- 60 pages
feature articles- interview with bands
website -
publisher - Bauer
editor - Nichole Browne

the second mag i looked at was rock sound

price- £3.50
frequency- monthly
issue- 50 pages
feature articles- interview with bands
website -
 editor - Darren Taylor

the third mag i looked at was classic rock

frequency- monthly
issue- 50 pages
feature articles- interview with bands
website -
publisher - Scott Rowley
editor - future publishing

inital idea of music mag

I have decided to do a rock music mag, which will be aimed at teenagers between the ages of 15-19 and it will be for male and females. i have decided to do this genre of mag from looking at mags such as kerrang.

evaluation of school mag

My school magazine front cover follows forms and conventions of other existing magazines. This is shown in a couple of ways such as the font  size which is size 11 which is the standard size for smaller cover lines. Also the main title has a different colour box around it so the title is separated from the rest of the magazine and it is also in capitals and bold. None of the cover lines cover the main images face and and the main cover title is bigger then the rest also it is bold with smaller writing under neath to tell you more about the story also the back ground is plain and it sticks to a simple colour scheme.

 my contents page follows the forms and conventions as it is in three columns which have feature articles and regular articles and the main story has the biggest image to show its the main thing in the magazine. also the numbers come before the text.

my school magazine front cover does not follow the forms and conventions as the main title looks very dull and it does not stand out very much. there are not many cover lines which makes the magazine front cover look boring and empty.

my school magazine contents page doesn't follow the forms and conventions as the colour scheme is different to the front cover and it is very empty as there are not many cover lines and it looks boring. and the lay out is all over the place.

the technology's that i used was quark this was a new software i used to make my contents page and i also developed my photo shop skills when i was making my front cover.

front cover screen shots

i took these screen shots as i was making my front cover

Monday, 4 October 2010

front cover of school mag

today in the lesson we carried on creating are front covers for are mags and began to take screen shots to show what we are doing and what its started as to what it finishes like.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

school mag

in lesson we had to draw out are front cover and contence page so that we could deside what we were going to put as are story lines and are images. in the next lesson we all went out and started to take are pictures and create are front covers on photoshop.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

the diffrent camera shots that we did

in lesson we learned about different camera shots they were:

- Mid Shot is were is shows half of the body from the waist up
- Mid Close Up shows the head and shoulders
- Close Up is all of the face
- Big Close Up is just of the face
- Extreme Close Up is the eyes and noes
- Mid Long Shot shows all the body
- High Angle is the camera pointing down
- Low Angle is were the camera point upwards
- Tilt Angle is were the camera is on an angle
- Over The Shoulder Shot is the camera behind the person looking over there shoulder
- Two Shot is a  shot with two people in it
- extreme Long Shot shows the full body and background at a distance
- Long Shot is the full body and background

camera shots that we did in lesson

in lesson we got into groups of 3 and took pictures of diffrent shot types


codes and conventions of a magazine contence page

in lesson we were looking at contents pages of music magazines and how they followed the codes and conventions we found that :

- there were bold headings for each feature
- there were images and numbers to support the text
- quotes
- simple colours, similar to front cover same colour scheme, 3-4 colours
- into to mag , whats in the issue
- the biggest pic is of the main singer/band main story
- plain back ground
- contents is in the corner, bold and same front as front cover title
- small image of front cover
- split into sections/columns 2-3
- editor of the mag, small written section
- more images rather then text
- advertisement
- 2-9 images, 1 main image, all linked to articles and numbers
- number stands out,before the story, different colour
- images stand out/ eye catchy
- captions
- contents( main word ), different font, larger
- about 20 features and articles
- size 11 font, all the same, consistent easy on eye
- credits photographer mainly main image from front cover
- websites, email, number, fax, address, contact details, bottom right ( least important )
- space between each section
- subscription details
- welcome section for new readers
- mast head same as one on the front
- letter from the editor
- information about the mag, address phone number
- there is a sub line
- page number always before the text

codes and conventions of a magazine front cover

in lesson we did the codes and conventions of music magazine front cover and we found that:

- there are large titles, in the top left  or all the way across     the page
- unique font, recognisable, different to all the other fonts
- statement is above or below the title.
- makes the genre clear to the audience
- colour scheme, easy on the eye but still stands out
- if it is a well known magazine, the image can cover the masthead slightly
- the main cover line is always bigger
- links to the articles inside the mag
- smaller pictures relate to the cover lines there are normally around 5 or 6 cover lines
- there is a plain background so the main image stands out 
- there is a direct address 
- the cover lines and a text is around the image, so the text does not get in the way
- picture, text must relate to the cover lines
- close ups/medium close ups or medium long shots
- bar codes, price, issue number, date
- buzz words are used in order to attract attention
- only a few fonts are used

Wednesday, 20 January 2010