Wednesday, 20 October 2010

codes and conventions of a double page spred

in lesson we looked at the codes and conventions of music mags double page spread we found that:

  • main image takes up a page
  • main title/ head lines - bold - unique - short - stands out
  • stand first, small into to article, above article
  • in 3-4 columns
  • by-lines/credits the photographer and writer
  • most of the images look at the camera but not necessary
  • drop quotes made larger
  • font-small-size 11
  • lots of righting
  • artists name high lighted so it stands out
  • image mainly on right
  • simple and consistent colours that match image so that it is - pleasing - organised - stands out and attracts the audience
  • page number - name of mag and web address bottom corner
  • informal mode of address gets the audience to connect to it and gets them to relax when reading it

these are two examples:

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