Thursday, 3 March 2011

audience feed back


do you think my magazine meets the target audience?

100% said yes

what do you think about my front cover?

most of my feed back was that the colours went really well for a rock magazine and the image really stands out hower a couple of peope said they dont like the colours al togeather

what dont you like about my front cover?

many people said the colours dont stand out enough and some of them dont match

how can it be improved?

90% of people said to make the title stand out more

what do you like about my contents page?

100% of people said the lay out was realy good as it was easy to follow

what dont you like about my contents page?

many people said were i have put a smaller image of my front cover it does not go and also there isnt alot of information

how can it be improved?

many people said they would prefare it if there was more colour

what do you like about my double page spred?

all of the paople said they like the image as it stands out and looks masterious

what dont you like in my double page spred?

many people said that the title looks to plain and so does the right hand side

what can be improved?

every one said more text

question one

question two

question three

Question four

Who would be the audience for your media product?

name - naiomi
gender - female
age - 16
music - scence / emo eg black veil brides
style - rock / scence

Name – Darren
Gender – male
Age – 19
Music – rock e.g. all time low and bring me the horizon
Style – rock / scene

Name – beth
Gender - female
age - 18
music - rock eg you me at six
style - rock

question five

question 6

question seven

Monday, 28 February 2011

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

contents page

screen shots of contents page

first i added the background and the title
then i added the writing

then i put one of the images on
 then i added more pictures

 i then changed the layout

 i then added an image of my front cover

 i then added my title

 i then added my images

Monday, 10 January 2011

screenshots of double page spred

for my dps i first added the background and article

i then added the picture of the singer

i then added the title

then i moved the picture so it was behind the first collum of text

then i changed the colour of the writing and moved my quote

i then moved the title to one page and made the image larger

screen shots of front cover

in lesson we started to make are front cover and took screen shots of it.

1. i added a black background
2. i added the title and made the font look more original
3. then i added the first cover line
4. i then added the main storyline
5. then i added the smaller cover lines with the bar code and price
6. then i did the plus section
7. then i added the positioning statement
8. then i changed the background colour to a black grey and white
9. i then changed the colour of the title to purple
10. the plus sectoin at the bottom was kept the same
11. i then changed the main image
12. i then began to add the cover lines
13. i then added the main storyline