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Monday, 11 October 2010

evaluation of school mag

My school magazine front cover follows forms and conventions of other existing magazines. This is shown in a couple of ways such as the font  size which is size 11 which is the standard size for smaller cover lines. Also the main title has a different colour box around it so the title is separated from the rest of the magazine and it is also in capitals and bold. None of the cover lines cover the main images face and and the main cover title is bigger then the rest also it is bold with smaller writing under neath to tell you more about the story also the back ground is plain and it sticks to a simple colour scheme.

 my contents page follows the forms and conventions as it is in three columns which have feature articles and regular articles and the main story has the biggest image to show its the main thing in the magazine. also the numbers come before the text.

my school magazine front cover does not follow the forms and conventions as the main title looks very dull and it does not stand out very much. there are not many cover lines which makes the magazine front cover look boring and empty.

my school magazine contents page doesn't follow the forms and conventions as the colour scheme is different to the front cover and it is very empty as there are not many cover lines and it looks boring. and the lay out is all over the place.

the technology's that i used was quark this was a new software i used to make my contents page and i also developed my photo shop skills when i was making my front cover.

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