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Sunday, 26 September 2010

the diffrent camera shots that we did

in lesson we learned about different camera shots they were:

- Mid Shot is were is shows half of the body from the waist up
- Mid Close Up shows the head and shoulders
- Close Up is all of the face
- Big Close Up is just of the face
- Extreme Close Up is the eyes and noes
- Mid Long Shot shows all the body
- High Angle is the camera pointing down
- Low Angle is were the camera point upwards
- Tilt Angle is were the camera is on an angle
- Over The Shoulder Shot is the camera behind the person looking over there shoulder
- Two Shot is a  shot with two people in it
- extreme Long Shot shows the full body and background at a distance
- Long Shot is the full body and background

camera shots that we did in lesson

in lesson we got into groups of 3 and took pictures of diffrent shot types


codes and conventions of a magazine contence page

in lesson we were looking at contents pages of music magazines and how they followed the codes and conventions we found that :

- there were bold headings for each feature
- there were images and numbers to support the text
- quotes
- simple colours, similar to front cover same colour scheme, 3-4 colours
- into to mag , whats in the issue
- the biggest pic is of the main singer/band main story
- plain back ground
- contents is in the corner, bold and same front as front cover title
- small image of front cover
- split into sections/columns 2-3
- editor of the mag, small written section
- more images rather then text
- advertisement
- 2-9 images, 1 main image, all linked to articles and numbers
- number stands out,before the story, different colour
- images stand out/ eye catchy
- captions
- contents( main word ), different font, larger
- about 20 features and articles
- size 11 font, all the same, consistent easy on eye
- credits photographer mainly main image from front cover
- websites, email, number, fax, address, contact details, bottom right ( least important )
- space between each section
- subscription details
- welcome section for new readers
- mast head same as one on the front
- letter from the editor
- information about the mag, address phone number
- there is a sub line
- page number always before the text

codes and conventions of a magazine front cover

in lesson we did the codes and conventions of music magazine front cover and we found that:

- there are large titles, in the top left  or all the way across     the page
- unique font, recognisable, different to all the other fonts
- statement is above or below the title.
- makes the genre clear to the audience
- colour scheme, easy on the eye but still stands out
- if it is a well known magazine, the image can cover the masthead slightly
- the main cover line is always bigger
- links to the articles inside the mag
- smaller pictures relate to the cover lines there are normally around 5 or 6 cover lines
- there is a plain background so the main image stands out 
- there is a direct address 
- the cover lines and a text is around the image, so the text does not get in the way
- picture, text must relate to the cover lines
- close ups/medium close ups or medium long shots
- bar codes, price, issue number, date
- buzz words are used in order to attract attention
- only a few fonts are used