Wednesday, 24 November 2010

article resarch

in lesson we were told to find a band and interview them for out double page spred

i interviewed the band synthetc encounter a new rock band

confadently slouching on the sofa lead singer jamie clark from the new and coming band synthetic encounter was interviewed by skull magazine. the genre of music this band creates is rock.

band members

lead singer / guitarist - jamie clark
lead guitarish - pierre valdez
drummer - remsey thorns
bass - leonardo speckle


1) as you are a new band were do you hope to be in the future?

2) what have you found to be the greatest challange of starting a band?

3) how long has your band been together?

4) when was the last time you embarrst your self?

5) do you and your band mates ever have disrabutes?

6) what are they about?

7) who influenced your style and why?

8) how do you think you have progressed as a band since your first gig?

9) who is the last person on earth you would want to be stuck in a lift with ?

10) who does the song writing and were do you get your ideas?

11) in the band who is the poser out of you all?

12) what was your most enbarrasing moment on stage?


1) i hope to be on television, but in the near future i would like to be playing gigs at more popular places such as the NIA or LG arena.

2) well as a band it can be hard to find the same free time as the rest of the band members to reharce due to collage and university, also it is hard to get noticed and some pubs and clubs wont give you the chance to show them how good the band is.

3) we have been together for a year and a half, then we had a brake for exams and stuff, then we got back together and we all belive now that we are more dedicated and now its been just over two years.

4) we was on our way to birmingham and i was coming down the esculator and my lace got stuck and i was freaking out so i pulled it and i dropped to the floor my band mates were in stitches, i went so red, i was redder then a cherry!

5) we have had our fair share but everyone does i guess.

6) we argue regarding some songs we write weather they should be changed or not also if one of us it late for band pratice and not only that we do have our little arguments about our fav bands.

7) id say many bands to be honest, black veil brides were in my opinion a major influence due to there uniqueness of there style and i admire that as for other band members they like a variety of bands and they have influences to like ramseys main influences are the kooks and artic monkeys and pierres influences are bring me the horrizon so there is a wide range to be fair, but yeah we all have diffrent influences.

8) i feel we have progressed very well and being in a band makes you closer to the friends involved in it and it has helped each one of us mature during it and its good to look back on our first gig in wolverhamton and see how we used to be.

9) oh god justin bieber,i hate him he has one of those faces you would just wanna slap with a fish.

10) i do the song writing and i get my ideas from life experiences or things in which i belive in.

11) it would have to be me because i take too long to get ready like 2 hours! but leonardo is soo vain its unbelieveble were ever theres a mirror he is in it. but they would all say me but yanoo its the hair, have to have it perfect but i hate the wind it just messes it up compleatly.

12) on my first ever gig i lost my voice half way through that was just embarrasing because the ausience just looked and were like wondering what was going on.

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