Sunday, 26 September 2010

codes and conventions of a magazine front cover

in lesson we did the codes and conventions of music magazine front cover and we found that:

- there are large titles, in the top left  or all the way across     the page
- unique font, recognisable, different to all the other fonts
- statement is above or below the title.
- makes the genre clear to the audience
- colour scheme, easy on the eye but still stands out
- if it is a well known magazine, the image can cover the masthead slightly
- the main cover line is always bigger
- links to the articles inside the mag
- smaller pictures relate to the cover lines there are normally around 5 or 6 cover lines
- there is a plain background so the main image stands out 
- there is a direct address 
- the cover lines and a text is around the image, so the text does not get in the way
- picture, text must relate to the cover lines
- close ups/medium close ups or medium long shots
- bar codes, price, issue number, date
- buzz words are used in order to attract attention
- only a few fonts are used

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