Monday, 13 December 2010


in lesson we wrote are first article draft

the band synthetic encounter are an unsigned rock band, however they are in the middle of recording there brand new album " together we stand " which they are hoping to send of to a record label so they could soon get signed.

the band met in there local collage which was " Dudley collage " as they were all doing the same course and they became very good friends Say they decided to make a band as the whole band is from Wolverhampton and they all live close.

the style of the band has changed a lot as they used to be influenced by only dark bands such as black veil brides and bring me the horizon which are screamo bands, however now they are influenced by bands such as the kooks and the Arctic monkeys as they realised they did not have the right look or songs to be a heavy metal band but one thing for sure they were defiantly not influenced by Justin bieber.

" Justin bieber just has one of those faces you would just wanna slap with a fish "

confidently slouching on the sofa lead singer Jamie Clark was asked who the poser in the band was as he laughed he slowly admitted it was him as he takes over two hours to get ready! however to make him sound less bad he told us about the bass player Leonardo and how he is so vain he cant walk past a mirror with out looking at him self but he soon happily says " they would all say its me but yanno its the hair "

since there very first gig synthetic encounter believe they have progressed a lot as they have all grown as people as well as a band. they also feel they have come along way since there first gig in Wolverhampton.

for the future the band have alot of plans as they want to be on television on channels such as kerrang! but before then they are hoping to play gigs at more popular places such as the NIA or LG arena.

Jamie and his band mates all have there fair share of arguments in the group regarding some songs that are written and weather they should be changed and also if one of the members is late for practice.

at the moment Jamie does all the song writing, Jamie gets his ideas from alot of life experiences but also things he believes in such as overcoming problems and staying strong when life gets you down.

the band has only been together for just over two years as they had to take a brake for there exams but since they have got back together they are alot more dedicated.

the band has found that they sometimes have great difficulty being in a band as not all the members have the same free time due to collage and university and they are finding it hard to be noticed as a lot of places wont give them the chance to show how good they are.

Jamie is extremely clumsy and is always embarrassing him self we found out that last time he did was when him and his band mates were on there way to Birmingham and he was coming down the escalator and his lace got stuck and he was freaking out! when he pulled it he dropped to the floor every one around him were in stitches.

the band has a rough start on there first gig as half way through Jamie lost his voice and had the whole place look at him very confused. but the singer soon moved on from that and is now recording an album.

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